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St. Vincent's uses the Creative Curriculum™ system to plan and implement content-rich, developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote progress in all developmental areas.  Creative Curriculum is widely regarded as a forward-thinking, comprehensive and rigorously researched curriculum that incorporates the latest research and best practices in early childhood development.

St. Vincent's is committed to ensuring our children are ready for kindergarten with the skills they need to be successful in school and in life!

More about our curriculum:
  • On a regular bases, children are encouraged to play, which has a huge positive influence on their learning, development and health.
  • Children are assessed using the Indiana Standard Tool for Alternate Reporting-Kindergarten Readiness (ISTAR-KR).  This helps teachers to improve the curriculum and adjust teaching methods in order to meet the individual learning needs of all children, including children with special needs.  In addition, the tool assists teachers in determining the skill level of each child.
  • At least twice each year, St. Vincent's reviews, evaluates and documents all program recommendations from resources including Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)/Individualized Education Program (IEP's) related to a child's needs and progress.
  • We work with families to establish realistic, age appropriate goals they would like their child to reach while at St. Vincent's.  These goals help our teachers plan for the needs of each child and assess his/her progress.
Teacher Student Ratios

St. Vincent's follows NAEYC regulations regarding child/teacher ratios and maximum classroom sizes.  Ratios are determined by the youngest child in the classroom.

Age Group


Max Group Size

Infant to one year olds:

1 teacher/4 children


Two-year olds:

1 teacher/5 children


Three-year olds

1 teacher/9 children


Four and Five year olds

1 teacher/10 children


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