Family Advocacy Program

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St. Vincent’s Family Advocate is here to help families assess and identify the resources they need to lead healthy and productive lives and to support their children’s academic, emotional and social well-being. We have collaborative relationships with many organizations in our community and our Family Advocate will help families connect with them. In addition, our Family Advocate brings in collaborators who provide on-sight programs, classes, and trainings that offer opportunities to enhance life skills and promote self-sustainability.

Our Family Advocate’s office is located across from Infant Room A and you are welcome to set up an appointment or stop in. She can be contacted by phone 812-424-4780 or by email

AREAS OF ASSISTANCE and referrals for:
  • Financial, Medical and Food Assistance
  • Parenting Information

    family resource board

  • Counseling
  • Housing
  • Clothing (Betty's Boutique)
  • GED/Adult Education Information
  • Budget Information
  • Employment (see Parent Resource Board)