Parents as Partners

Strengthening Families 2015 018

It's been awesome here! It's amazing what my son comes home and does. I've been so impressed--they don't just watch him--he's been singing new songs and saying his alphabet an learning so much! It blows my mind! I've been so happy with him being here.-E, 2013 Parent

St. Vincent’s has an “open door” policy. Parents are welcome at any time, and we encourage them to become involved in the program in a variety of ways. Our classrooms are open environments where parents are invited to participate. We encourage parents to give feedback to our staff. If at any time a problem arises that parents cannot resolve with the teaching staff, we ask that they schedule an appointment with our Program Director.

Each classroom has a bulletin board where parents will find information about the daily schedule of activities and other items, which helps to keep them informed about their child’s experience here. Newsletters and other correspondence will be placed in each child’s cubby or e-mailed to the parent on a regular basis. St. Vincent’s also provides opportunities for families to get together for social events and other activities to get to know other families.

St. Vincent’s offers parents the opportunity to join with teachers and staff to find ways to work collaboratively to support our mission of starting all children on a pathway to lifetime success.