Character Building

1.24 (12)

At St. Vincent’s, we believe that helping children develop behaviors and attitudes that are respectful, caring and ethical is one of our most critical responsibilities. We do this by working with children to develop a strong foundation of social responsibility through the teaching of our Core Values, while helping them to understand their own emotional states and how to deal with them.

In our Pre-School, we use various weekly activities, including the Second Step violence prevention program that helps children learn to deal with emotions, resist impulsive and aggressive behaviors, solve problems and understand the consequences of their actions. Second Step is a research-proven program that is recognized as an effective way to help children learn self-control and conflict resolution at a young age.

We also encourage the development of social and environmental responsibility by engaging children in activities that help others in need through organizations such as Wesselman Woods Recycling Center, the Tri-State Food Bank and the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center.

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