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Safety First

The safety and well-being of the children in our care is always our top priority. At St. Vincent, we have a dedicated staff supervisor who is always on the premises when children are at the center. The supervisor ensures that all safety and quality measures are in place, and that teachers and staff have what they need to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our children.

All teachers and staff are certified in Child First Aid and CPR.

In addition, St. Vincent is located one block away from Deaconess Hospital, giving us quick access to emergency medical care should a child become seriously ill or injured.


All outside doors, excluding the main entrance, are locked at all times. The Receptionist checks the ID’s of anyone who is not known as an authorized person to pick up the child(ren).

To ensure the safety of your child we WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE to take your child whom:

    • We suspect is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Does not have written authorization to pick up your child.
    • Is under the age of fourteen (14).
    • Does not have proper identification.
Disaster and Storm Preparedness

As part of our disaster and storm preparedness training, we regularly take the children through fire, tornado and earthquake drills.

In the event of an emergency, children are moved into designated safety areas and notices are sent via email along with posts on our Facebook account. Parents are invited to call and check  on the well-being of their child at any time. Administrative staff is in contact with classrooms at all time.

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